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How will Brexit affect Singapore? Are there any lessons we can draw from it?

More like lessons for the ruling elite... Listen to the frustrations and concerns of the masses.

If the trust is gone, they will vote against you.

Jaxon Lee

One lesson: Take your vote seriously... know what you are voting for and vote for what you want. The Brexit vote outcome is a classic freak result that many thought would not happen... but it did.

Kok Chwee Sim

More Singaporeans can now afford a holiday in the UK. That's how Brexit affects Singapore.

Liu Muyao

Does literature have a place in an era of robotics and technology? How can the subject be made more relevant?

Literature helps us to be human - it teaches us to explore and understand our own feelings, and critique situations to make informed decisions.

Margaret Chong

Literature may not be suited for everyone as it does not have a clear or distinct answer or solution. It requires a strong grasp of language and being able to put forth views and opinions.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

This literature versus science debate plays on old notions and archetypes when, in reality, people take a basket of different subjects, and pursue different interests at different stages of their lives. It depends on your interest, aptitude... Some disciplines have a large following, others have smaller ones.

Andy Wee

Literature was relevant when the only medium for reading was paper or books.

Today, we have many more media platforms. Literature should be updated to "Techtriture", with less reading of books and expanded to include critiques of images, videos, online social behaviour, and so on.

I am sure this will fuel lots of interest in students.

Allan Tan

How can the elderly be better warned about scams? What protocols can institutions put in place to protect their vulnerable customers?

Set a low ATM withdrawal limit for cash and fund transfers. For higher amounts, they should go to the bank counter. Most bank tellers and officers will ask questions if there is a big withdrawal being done by an elderly person.

Michael Quake

Use radio or Rediffusion broadcasts as the older generation is more familiar with these. Also, have posters listing a helpline to call, as they may have been warned not to alert the police.

Gwen Ho Chew Han

Family members should play a part by telling the old folk about these scammers.

Chinny Liew

Use the same awareness or publicity channels as the Pioneer Generation programme.

Beni Ong

How has the role of national service and servicemen changed over the years? What does the future of NS look like?

In the name of equality, get women, new citizens and permanent residents to serve two years.

This is the best national education and interracial bonding programme ever.

Jimmy Ng

A strong Singapore Armed Forces is not merely about the safety of Singaporeans, but it also has to do with economic growth. You are protecting your loved ones by serving NS.

Tjoa Nicholas

NSmen should get priority for jobs, education, healthcare, housing, and so on. Give them the due respect and benefits.

Dolly Peh

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