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Is a self-centred mentality blocking our growth as a nation? How can we build a greater sense of identity and community?

You cannot force people to be more open-minded, helpful to others, and so on.

It all depends on the individual and his conscience.

Teaching social responsibilities in school to young children may be a good option.

Peter Tan

Are Singapore's streets too bright? Should street lights be made dimmer, and the distance between lamp posts made wider?

We are the most light-polluted country because we don't have vast expanses of empty land to make up for the inhabited areas.

Dare Chia

Reduce street lighting and safety will be compromised - crime and accident rates will go up...

Try living and driving in a country where street lighting is inadequate and you will certainly appreciate Singapore's well-lit streets.

Kristal Lim

I think some places in Singapore should, in fact, have more lights, such as some HDB multi-storey carparks.

They get so dark by 5pm, especially on rainy days.

Elizabeth Tan

A writer says that children should appreciate their fathers as a lifelong circumstance rather than an annual declaration. Would this make Father's Day irrelevant?

Nothing wrong with it, but don't forget to honour him on other days also.

Lee Kee Hong

Everything that can be used to argue against having a Father's Day also applies to other commercialised celebrations such as Christmas, Mother's Day, Teachers' Day and Children's Day.

Zhou Hongjie

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