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Have Singaporeans become too comfortable to venture out and grow our economy? How can we set ourselves apart from global competitors?

Take up the challenge and any opportunity that comes along. Break out from your comfort zone and go while you are still young.

Eng Tke

The start-up capital is scary, especially rents.

Nanny Lila Seeye

The sacrifices we make may not be not in line with the benefits. Many of us find it a disadvantage to venture out. I would rather lead a poor and simple life than to join the rat race knowing you won't reap what you sow.

Rui Lim

Will a water rationing exercise today be a learning experience or an inconvenience? How can we instil the message of water conservation in residents here?

Water rationing an inconvenience? The purpose of the exercise is to be inconvenienced and be conditioned for it.

David Chow

It would be a learning experience as you will know how important water is only after you turn on the tap and there is no water coming out.

Ling Ester

Teach water rationing in school... This exercise will be tough on us. I do teach my children not to waste water.

Kayal Villi

Should it be mandatory for every home to have a fire extinguisher? How can fires in HDB estates be prevented?

Buying a fire extinguisher and keeping it at home is not the issue. It needs to be checked and certified by authorised personnel every year to ensure that it will work when there is a fire.

Philip Phay

Put one fire extinguisher at the lift lobby of every floor and provide residents with proper training.

Kamarulhuda Ahmad

Educate residents on electrical safety awareness. Some folk do not know about the risks of overloading an electrical power point.

Hoppity Toh

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