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A writer suggests that consumers are more interested in convenience than the protection of their personal data. Do you agree? What factors stand in the way of our privacy?

The reason businesses collect data is to gain perspectives, so as to waste less business resources as a whole.

But, of course, the ultimate challenge is how to respect and secure the data while implementing a productive programme based on key information retrieved from data, which is a science in itself.

Jeff Leong

Frankly, for convenience, I will give (my data), especially if it benefits me and I stand a chance to win prizes.

Sangha Vandana

Do you think people with disabilities can be better included in the community? What are some ways to promote inclusion?

I am disabled. The best thing society and the Government can do is give us home-based jobs. If the Government legislates that a certain percentage of their employees must be people with disabilities, this will go a long way towards giving the disabled help with their livelihood and in giving them the dignity of contributing to the economy.

Ruth Chay Choo Cheng

It is just society's way - that people tend not to care so much, and not many are willing to be kind enough to render assistance. But (disabled people) are still human. They should not be treated as outcasts.

Peter Tan

Are euphemisms effective in changing attitudes and fostering a supportive culture? What terms do we commonly use that can be reconsidered?

I have always and will continue to describe people who are overweight, like myself, as "fat" or "chubby", instead of the outrageous "horizontally challenged" or the clumsy "on the big side". I am fat; the word is as precise as it has always been and people who are offended by it need to get help.

Zhou Hongjie

People need to put the word "retarded" out of all usage. And "normal" shouldn't be the natural opposite of "special needs".

Charlotte Beckett-hester

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