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A writer suggests that elitism is a natural consequence of meritocracy, and that we should pursue equity rather than equality. Do you agree? Why or why not?

Meritocracy is a system. Elitism is the attitude and behaviour. Don't mix them up.

- MJ Rina Huang

Elitism has always been around, whether we like it or not... Good for the society? I am not very sure by what measure to say it's good. To me, as long as one contributes to the good of society, rich or poor, that is good enough.

- Peter Yeo

Meritocracy aims to promote the pursuit of excellence, not elitism. A highly regarded leader would want to foster equality in treatment for all while giving opportunities to those who excel above the rest. Being elitist without empathy for the diverse community we all share plainly demonstrates one's shallow and selfish thinking.

- Yvonne Wong

What are Singapore's core values? Are there any which are lacking in our society?

Maybe we should add empathy as part of our core values. With the rise of the middle class in Singapore, it is worrying that future generations might lack empathy towards others, especially poor people and the needy.

- Senpai Chun Hwee

Flexibility, critical thinking and initiative at times are very lacking. At times, we are so bound by rules and responsibilities that when a new problem surfaces in a grey area, you will find the first response by Singaporeans is to argue over who should take up the job of solving the problem.

- Lim Sait Kiat

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