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Should Singapore have a universal basic income for all?

How can social safety nets be strengthened as the technology revolution disrupts our traditional economy?

It's very easy to talk about being responsible. But when you are retrenched or you lose your job, which could be a decision made a million miles away from you, you definitely need a social trampoline to help you bounce back.

Stan Jon

Universal basic income is "lazy" money.

It gives incentives to citizens not to work even though they are employable.

There are numerous ways to help low-income earners in Singapore, such as ComCare, Workfare, Medifund, Medisave and the Community Health Assist Scheme.

James Wang

Much as I love the idea, I believe that the country does not owe anyone a living... Learning to adapt to new situations makes us stronger. We need to believe to achieve. Besides, we are not the only country facing the future.

James B Wright-Brown

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