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Is Singapore entering the "age of decadence", marked by materialism, pessimism and frivolity, among other things?

Yes, there are some signs of it. But before we accuse others of being ugly Singaporeans or keep demanding that the Government do things, we can take responsibility for our own behaviour... I do feel there is less "kampung-ness" than before. Living in flats, long working hours and the use of cellphones don't quite encourage interaction.

Catherine Tan EK

Total nonsense. One, the definition of "decline" is seen narrowly in the context of great empires and nation-states losing hegemonic status. This does not apply to Singapore. Two, the decline of a state is predicated on a host of international and domestic factors, but not ambiguous "loss of moralities". One man's immorality is another's morality.

Joshua Ling

Illiteracy... not reading and writing, but ignorance of world affairs and changing trends. Failure to read the bigger picture leads to complacency, foolishness and finally, ruin.

Tedd Jong Wei

What can young entrepreneurs learn from older ones?

Learn from the old - slow and steady. But learn from the West - be bold and creative.

Jimmy Chua

With greater online risks, should there be a ban on Internet use in the workplace?

Access to the Internet should be limited to a need-to-have basis (in accordance with job responsibility). A separate network or VLAN (virtual LAN) can be used to segregate groups of users, and various types of software can be used for logical access controls and data management.

Stephen Lim

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