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Parents of unborn children with disabilities often agonise over what to do about the pregnancy. What can be done to help them reach an informed decision?

Remember, not so long ago, the prenatal diagnostic tools were not as advanced. As a result, babies with special needs were born.

These children live among us and are equally loved and contribute to society.

Clare Wray

If it's my child, I will love him regardless. But what if the disability is so severe he needs help all his life? What happens if I die before him? Who is going to love him and take care of him? Have the people who condemned parents who made the decision to end the life thought that far ahead?

Kaile Koh

All parents want their child to have the best life possible. It is a fact that this is a cruel world for those who are disabled. If they think the best life is not to have one, then who are we to challenge them? They are the ones who have to live with the decision.

Illyanna Vee

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