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What do our attitudes towards children with special needs say about us? In what ways can we be more accepting of them?

If you see us with our special needs child in a public area, it's always nice if you approach us to say hello, or just make eye contact and smile. A smile sure goes a long way; staring/gawking is definitely a no-no.

Siti Nor'aini A S

Try putting yourself in the shoes of parents with a special needs child, rather than give strange looks or stares that they don't deserve. Respect is the key word.

Johnny Tan

Most people are uneasy about people with a handicap because they do not really want to commit any responsibility or help towards them, thinking they are a burden.

Peter Tan

Will compulsory book-reading requirements help or hinder efforts to get children to embrace reading? Should children be given the opportunity to choose their own reading material?

Schools should have a reading session in class, with a variety of reading material for children. We should encourage book exchanges, plus interaction with the children on books read in class.

Alice Wong

Making reading compulsory won't make children enjoy it; it needs to be cultivated. It helps if parents also read with their children to cultivate the habit.

Raymond Cheung

Forcing children to read things they really do not want to read will make them hate reading. Children do need to read, but give them things they want to read.

Sangha Vandana

Is the resetting of car loan curbs good news for the average Singaporean?

Definitely not a good deal. Firstly, as the economy heads south, many will be caught in this net of thinking they can afford to pay for a car. Mind you, the car still costs $100,000, and now, you have to pay more interest when you opt for a longer repayment scheme.

Mi Leo

Some people think that if they cannot pay their instalments, the finance company will repossess their car and that's the end of the story. No, after repossessing your car, they will sell it... If you owe your bank $70,000 and the car sells for $60,000, you have to fork out another $10,000. If you cannot pay up, you may be made a bankrupt. Is it worthwhile to be made bankrupt just for the sake of owning a car?

Ron Lim

Is the limited number of courts to blame for Singapore badminton being in the doldrums? How can the standard of play be raised here?

To become a champion, you will first need passion and determination. The sports facilities in Singapore are better than those in other countries which have won the Thomas Cup before. When professional players lose a game, they don't blame the facilities they use in their training.

Tan Yeow Kee

Open up schools' badminton halls after school hours, including Saturdays and Sundays, for students to enjoy and develop a passion for the game.

Robert Lim

In Singapore, the young have to struggle with school and co-curricular activities. It is difficult to find more time for sports, such as badminton, when you have so much homework and enrichment classes to juggle.

Sam Tay

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