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With our fast-ageing population, how can nursing homes best serve the elderly and help them live meaningful lives?

Most seniors would prefer a mixed-age neighbourhood over one restricted to people their own age.

Some community centres are integrating senior centres with childcare centres, facilitating cross-age interaction and, at the same time, conserving space and resources.

The needed cultural shift is for children and communities to find more enjoyment and pride in caring for parents and neighbours.

Sangha Vandana

Given a choice, some would prefer to be in the comfort of their own homes if they were not so helpless.

Peter Tan

Children should take care of their own parents, for all the sacrifices the older ones made for them, instead of "dumping" them somewhere for someone else to care for them.

Julian Ramesh

A writer suggests that monetary compensation should be allowed in some organ donation cases. Do you agree? Why or why not?

With money involved, there will be organ trading. Then, whoever is able to pay a higher price will undergo the organ transplant. With this, organs will definitely be priced higher and higher.

Grace Ho Lim

If hospitals and doctors are making money from organ transplants, why is it the one supplying the organ is not compensated? We should not be taking the donor's kindness for granted.

Douglas Chow

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