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Is there still a stigma associated with polytechnics? What are the pros and cons of a polytechnic versus junior college education?

No stigma whatsoever. I have had good experiences with polytechnic hires. I found them realistic and ready for work challenges. Kudos to the teachers who prepared them for the realities of work.

Gerald Woon

The stigma associated with polytechnics and even the Institute of Technical Education will remain, unless there is a complete overhaul in the way our education system is structured. The mindset is that in order to survive in this country, one must possess a degree.

Josh Kt

Both routes cater to different learning preferences. We mustn't claim that one is superior to the other. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Geraldine Khong

What does the inclusion of Singlish in the Oxford English Dictionary mean for Singapore and the push to promote Standard English here?

Nobody is suggesting that Singlish should replace Standard English. There is a time and place for Singlish, and one can be proficient in both.

Audi Khalid

It is detrimental for a child who has yet to master the basics of Standard English to use Singlish to the extent that he becomes confused between the two.

Zhou Hongjie

The more worrying problem is the prevalence of social media terms. Vowels, for example, seem to have disappeared in some words, and proper grammar is all but ignored.

This trend will eventually affect our ability to master Standard English.

Terence Wee

Has enough been done to protect shareholders here? How far should the authorities go to ensure investors are not left in the lurch when firms run into trouble?

You (should) buy shares with your eyes open... The Singapore Exchange (SGX) is not your financial adviser. If a firm is not ailing and you make money, would you thank SGX? You lose or win, that's that.

Sangha Vandana

Would older workers make better entrepreneurs? What advantages and challenges would they face?

Age has nothing to do with entrepreneurship.

Lawrence Lee

How about experience and contacts? These are things seniors would already have. Young ones are still accumulating and learning. It is trial and error, hit and miss for the latter.

Tessa Koh

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