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Is having live-in maids a factor behind a poor work-life balance for Singaporeans? Will lessening dependence on maids help or hurt the situation?

It's all about time management... if all stick to work hours and have children in childcare, won't one still have the evenings and weekends for the family? Most (parents) are not willing to use basic care facilities for their children and send them to multiple classes, which all need money, and that's why they need to work more. Result is no balance in life.

SG Subbuteo

Why must it be one size fits all? Some families need a live-in maid and some prefer a live-out one. Allow both options... and let market forces decide the salaries.

Emily Chuang

How can Singapore shrink its carbon footprint? Will switching to nuclear power help us achieve this goal?

I say go for it... Solar power is only able to supplement our needs but not power it. If going nuclear reduces our carbon footprint and increases our global competitiveness, we will remain relevant in the global economy for decades to come.

Zhen Pei Hong Albert

Until a totally manageable solution to a nuclear plant malfunction can be found... then, no. The fact is nobody knows what to do in the event of a Chernobyl- or Fukushima-type incident... I would rather the money be spent finding a way to make solar energy feasible for us.

Catherine Tan EK

Should donors be charged a processing fee when using a credit card to give to charity? How can the donation process be made easier for both one-time and regular donors?

Donations should be flexible and up to each individual. Imposing a minimum sum is not charity but a demand. The easiest way is by giving in cash.

Peter Tan

Visa and MasterCard charge a processing fee for every transaction... Banks further charge a fee. To encourage more donations, card issuers and banks need to waive charges for donations.

Oh Jia Jun

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