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Why do many parents not put their children in appropriate child restraints in cars? How should this problem be tackled?

When my firstborn had to be in her car seat, she would cry from the start to the end of the journey... We realised she was hot and set up a fan above her seat, and she stopped crying. Safety is top priority, so is understanding why babies reject the car seat.

Esther Wong

This is true even for adults; some of us choose not to belt up... These people are waiting for something big to happen before they learn - a clear case of complacency.

Soh Wee Meng

Force-strapping a child in can pose other dangers as well. A child crying until he vomits can pose a choking hazard. Children who throw tantrums can be a distraction to the driver. What works for one family doesn't always work for another...

The other issue is that when taking taxis, children do not strap up. That, in itself, is an inconsistency.

Matthew Lee

What can be done to get Singaporeans to eat more brown rice instead of white rice?

We can try following the Healthy Meals in Schools Programme and get stallholders to mix their white rice with brown rice, and of course, offer the full brown rice option if needed.

Cassie Siua

It'd be nice if hawkers could charge less for brown rice than white rice. This might make more consumers choose brown rice over white rice. The difference in costs could be absorbed by the Government.

Gillian Teng

Make white rice significantly more expensive than brown rice by heavily taxing white rice. The tax amount should be on a par with tobacco and alcoholic products.

Daryl Tan

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