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How can Singaporeans be encouraged to exercise at least three times a week? Are gyms the answer in our hot weather?

Encourage companies or office buildings to do mass workouts each week/month. Malls are already having such mass exercises. So can we have more regular exercises for the neighbourhoods?

Lim Desiree

If you have a closed group of friends who love to exercise, chances are you will be motivated by them and will step out from your comfort zone and start doing what seems impossible. Eventually, it becomes a daily routine.

Alan Foong

The gym is anywhere and everywhere around you - just open the main door and the staircases are there for your use.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

If one is afraid of the heat and sun, do your exercise early in the morning or evening/night. The strategy is to make regular exercise an essential part of your daily routine by managing your time properly.

Robert Lim

Why is there a decline in traditional art forms? How can they be preserved and audiences attracted?

The "oldies" who run these art forms must... allow the art to evolve and be relevant to modern audiences. Look how beautifully Japanese traditional art forms find their way into anime, MTV and even T-shirts.

Dare Chia

Too much Western influence. There is no way to keep traditional arts traditional anymore. The closest is to introduce fusion, with some considerably "cool" and "creative" elements to attract the younger crowd.

Chai Kovs Kee

Why are there more women in chief executive positions than serving in the boardroom? Will legislation improve this situation?

Boardroom positions must be given according to ability and credentials. There is no need for affirmative action according to any criteria, be it gender or race.

Muhammad Ridzwan Bin Rahmat

Women here enjoy equal education. So long as you are able to cope, there is no discrimination based on your gender. Whether the woman is ready to accept the full responsibility of the top post is her decision. Not every qualified individual wants to be a CEO.

Peter Tan

With the success of a minority candidate in the recent by-election, is the GRC scheme still essential to ensure minority representation in Parliament?

The by-election in Bukit Batok won by Mr Murali Pillai proved that people do not vote based on the race of the candidate.

Robert Lim

The Bukit Batok by-election may be a standalone phenomenon. We need more results before we can conclude that our electorate no longer gives race any consideration when casting their ballot.

Liu INan

For a start, let at least half the seats in Parliament be single-member constituencies. In any case, a three-member GRC is sufficient to meet the original intention - to ensure minority representation...

After 51 years, surely, Singaporeans are capable of making informed choices.

Ajith Mankal

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