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How should the problem of high myopia be tackled?

Technology kicks in, myopia goes up. I suggest introducing lessons on how to take care of one's eyesight... Also, have breaks from textbooks in school for eye exercise and to enjoy the greenery.

Jeanie Goh

Schools should encourage students to spend less time on work that requires looking at near objects for too long, as the reason for myopia could be that the eye is used to looking at things that are near, and when it has to look at things that are far away, it is unable to do so.

Joelle Lau

Though science has not found the reasons behind increasing incidence of myopia, a few things, such as getting involved in more outdoor activities during childhood and healthy eating habits, may reduce the number of cases.

Kavitha Vijayakumar

How can Singapore diners be encouraged to return their trays? Will giving rewards help instil the habit?

This will just make people return their trays for the sake of the reward. It satisfies the aim of returning the trays, but the value of graciousness will not be instilled in them.

Amina Afreen

No reward necessary. Just make it as convenient as possible to return the tray.

Wie Lim

Have tray-return ambassadors around to remind those who choose to walk away without clearing their tables. Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

Have National Environment Agency officers patrol hawker centres at random and mete out immediate fines.

Sanjay Mathew

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