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Do businesses here do enough to cater to nursing mothers? What more can be done?

Public education would let people and businesses know that breastfeeding is natural.

All shopping malls and attractions should have clean baby rooms for mothers with young children.

Such rooms should also have strict warnings, and perhaps fines, to discourage others from misusing them as rest areas or for eating and washing items.

Eateries should also be accommodating when a mother wants to feed her baby. A "breastfeeding-friendly eatery" sticker can be pasted at the front of eateries that support breastfeeding mothers.

- Shi Yee Ong

I did not expect the majority to cater to the minority when I was a nursing mother.

I always made plans, such as nursing in the car, in a restaurant or just anywhere with the right loose clothing.

It is easier to be prepared myself than to depend on establishments.

- Yvonne Chow

If you are comfortable, just breastfeed in public, but discreetly. Use a towel or napkin to cover up.

After all, I'm pretty sure the public will know you are breastfeeding your child and, unless you leave your breast open for display, it shouldn't be an issue.

- Siti Nor'aini A S

Is the problem of elitism found only in our top schools? What can be done to end it?

Elitism is in the mind. School admission criteria do not include family income.

However, if most of those who are admitted happen to be from affluent backgrounds, then it will be hard for those who are less well off to fit in, thus, leaving them feeling out of place.

- Wong Choon

What can parents do when their children are exposed to distasteful advertisements?

Walk away. If you don't draw attention to the ad, they probably wouldn't notice it.

Such ads are not interesting to children.

- Maruko Chan

Parents should be the educators on anything - good or bad - that their children are exposed to. Parents need to openly communicate with their children.

- Peter Tan

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