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What makes for quality interaction between teachers and children? How can parents and childcare centres help create an environment for this to take place?

Interactions that convey positive rules and routines are most important to children's emerging ability to regulate their own behaviour. Teachers should engage in language-rich and challenging instructions that are critical to the children's academic progress.

Sangha Vandana

It's not easy being a teacher. With so much on the plate, they should be well paid, but parents should not expect teachers to take over their role.

Lai Yin Lee

Are heavier fines and jail terms enough to deter taxi fare evaders? What other solutions can be implemented to ensure passengers pay their fares?

Instead of having heavier fines and jail terms, why not look for other friendly solutions, such as ensuring commuters have a credit card or debit card registered to an account before they can board the taxi? Uber and Grab have been doing a good job for a long time and fare evasion is almost impossible.

CT Chew

Taxi drivers can activate central locking of doors when the journey starts. There is no way for the passenger to run off unless payment is made.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

Perhaps, we could make it easier for taxi drivers by implementing online reporting of fare evasion. And perhaps, we can allow for inward-facing cameras. If there are fare evaders, the screenshots could be used to appeal for information.

Royston Soon

A writer says Singapore should not rush into imposing a sugar tax to encourage healthier eating, as it is an unproven measure. Do you agree? What is the best weapon in a war against diabetes?

Why are people eating more and more sugar-laden processed food and drinks? Because it is cheap and addictive, crowding out more expensive healthy options.

What is the solution? Tax sugar and use the proceeds to subsidise healthy foods, so that even the poor can eat well and healthily.

Stephen Chew

Taxation is not the way to go. Once sufficient awareness has reached the public about the causes of diabetes, it boils down to the choices of each individual. Some people need to spend more time thinking through their eating choices.

Colin Chee

It is a huge misconception that sugar is the only culprit. Type 2 diabetes is often caused by unrestrained high caloric intake in the long run. Lean muscle mass through exercise and strength training helps in protecting the body against insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes.

Belinda Tang

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