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How tough a stance should nations take against drugs?

Don't be fooled. Beware of those lecturing us about being more tolerant of drugs. Which country is safer after it legalised drugs?

Teh Hsin Too

People who use "soft drugs" tend to graduate to more potent substances to get a greater kick. We are a small nation and cannot afford to lose our precious human capital this way, unlike the "progressive" West.

Khirn Gee

What are the pros and cons of mandatory health screening for all? How should it be managed so that costs are kept in check?

Early mandatory health screening reduces costs and suffering for the people and nation in the long run.

Kok Ah Wang

Why would you overload a burdened health system that cannot even recruit enough manpower to meet current needs? Also, making health screening mandatory is fundamentally a violation of personal rights.

Christina Teh

Maybe not mandatory, but free for all Singaporeans. Have basic screening that is free (paid by the Government) and anyone can opt for more detailed testing (for a fee).

Kheng Chun

What mindset, skills and tools do women need to age with confidence?

For women to age gracefully, society must first stop stereotyping them and be gender neutral. Treat women and men equally.

Sangha Vandana

Nag less. Be less grouchy. Gracious speech starts with a gracious and healthy mind.

Angela Lee

I do not believe we need skills and tools to age with confidence. But there are things that we can do to help ourselves, such as staying healthy, having a positive outlook in life, maintaining a close relationship with family and friends, travelling, and volunteering (making someone happy makes me happy).

Nur Idris

A loving and doting man.

Jusman Nasiman

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