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Research says giftedness has many facets, and academic talent is merely one of them. How, then, should we allow talented children to shine?

Let children explore for themselves, give them confidence, let them learn through their own experience. As adults, we can only guide them, not plan for them and instruct them to follow the path rigidly.

Evelyn Wong

It has to go beyond schools. Create the social space and structure that appreciate them and give them room to grow. Society needs to appreciate these non-academic skills, and our industry must have space for them to excel in. Social mindset is the key.

Dare Chia

We must be doing something right if our children have been performing extremely well in many international tests and competitions. It must mean something when the school systems in the US and Britain are turning to the East to see what they can learn from us.

Zhou Hongjie

Are private-hire car services the answer to commuters' needs?

The presence of private-hire car services will force the taxi industry to innovate and adopt new technologies to improve their service.

Sangha Vandana

In the short term, with more choice, commuters will benefit. But in the longer term, when some firms go bust and if the Government regulates the drivers, prices may rise, making them less attractive.

James B Wright-Brown

Why are people generally not interested in Budget debates? Are there avenues for citizens to give their feedback?

If the Government seriously wants feedback, it should search the Internet and social media. There will be more diverse views there than from organised platforms.

Mohamad Syahid Bin Arif

Come forth with the details earlier so that they can be debated before tabling and approval.

Anantha Mohan

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