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Do young adults tend to pursue personal ambition at the expense of building meaningful relationships with loved ones?

The young may have misplaced priorities, but who are the ones who brought them up to have such thinking in the first place? If parents teach their children well, then these children would be filial when they grow up.

Elizabeth Phua

It is more like the youngsters these days are trying their best to survive, and that will lead to what seems to be a lack of care given to their elders.

Madhavan Charles Reddy

How can we support the holistic development of adults to create a more entrepreneurial and innovative society?

A holistic education can prepare students for the world outside of school.

Andrew Singh

Look at Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia... they have many small shops for people to do business in. The problem here is the rental, which makes people afraid of starting a business.

Din Jacob

Reduce the cost of living and incentivise experimentation.

How and when should children be taught about sexuality and their bodies?

Parents should start educating their children about sexuality and their bodies at about four years old.

Start with simple things, such as what private parts are, and the differences between a boy and girl, as well as a "good touch" and a "bad touch".

Meilani Dewi Djauhari

For pre-schoolers, I will simply tell them that the areas covered by their swimwear are personal, and not to be exposed to or touched by others.

Any violation must be reported to parents and teachers.

More than just talk, parents must set good examples.

Jeannie Lim Kimkhuan

Every child develops differently and parents know their children best. Parents should be the ones raising this topic, based on the maturity level of their child, in a trusting and comfortable environment.

Shalini Shroff

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