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What problems do hawkers face? In what ways can we keep our hawker culture strong?

Only a Singaporean should be allowed to rent and he/she must man the stall - no sub-leasing is allowed. And keep the rent low.

Jennifer Loh

In my perspective as a hawker, the main reason most youngsters do not take up the trade is that the earnings do not equate to the amount of effort and time put in.

What the Government can do is improve earnings and benefits in this industry.

For example, a set amount of annual or sick leave can be given, in the form of rental deduction. To increase earnings, rental can be subsidised.

Khoo Song Beng Gwern

Competition from foodcourts, which are air-conditioned and somewhat cleaner, is one problem for hawkers. Hawkers' X factor can be their lower food prices, and, for this, their rents have to be kept low.

Shalini Shroff

Is it time to consider removing property curbs? Have they helped or hurt individuals in the property market?

They hurt some bankers, developers and property agents, but, at the end of the day, the curbs benefited many Singaporeans. In fact, they should be made stronger and permanent.

Daniel Tan

Allowing property prices to resume escalation now will mean that children today will likely not be able to afford homes when they grow up.

Lee Kee Seng

If the issue is affordability, the measures should be mainly for HDB flats. Leave private properties to the market forces of demand and supply.

Sylvia Loh

How can we keep diabetes at bay?

In schools, we can have compulsory health lessons. For working adults, health talks can be made compulsory... The Government can ban or impose a health tax on foods and drinks that are known to be bad for health.

Allan Tan

Make it mandatory for restaurants, foodcourts and hawker centres to display nutritional and calorie information on their menus.

Without such information, we can easily exceed our maximum daily allowance, leading to obesity.

Eunice Li Dan Yue

Should children pursue individual or team sports? What are the pros and cons of either type of sport?

Some people excel in individual sports; not all are team players. The choice is up to each person... You cannot force anyone to become a team player if he can do better in individual sports.

Peter Tan

Team sports expose a child to teamwork, but as for resilience, any sport will help.

Josephine Lim

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