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Can a balance be struck between foreign workers' need for space to relax and residents' need for security around their homes?

I have lived in the Little India area for 15 years. The foreign workers behave themselves very well.

They come here to do their grocery shopping and meet friends or relatives only once a week. Bear with it. If you worked in a foreign land, you would look forward to gatherings with friends too.

Doris Tan

Don't curtail their freedom. Build more activity centres for them to watch a movie, play cricket, listen to music, and so on. Treat them with pride and dignity.

Clarice Viola Pereira

Why do people read less as they get older? What can be done to spread the enjoyment of reading?

I loved reading as a kid, and could sit and read for hours. But as an adult, I no longer find it easy to sit still and read. Too many distractions and I get restless easily.

Mark Sara

When I started working, I seldom read because I was always busy and tired with work.

Tan Gerine

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