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Should there be a third bridge built to link Singapore and Malaysia? What are the pros and cons of this?

Definitely, there is an urgent need to build a third bridge. As Singapore becomes more expensive, more Singaporeans will move to Johor to live, and they will need to travel here to work. Trade between Malaysia and Singapore is also increasing rapidly and Johor Baru is developing quickly. More companies will choose to locate in JB, and Singapore needs to build another bridge to plug into that growth.

Alex Chew

A good public transport amenity like the high-speed rail linking Changi Airport to Johor Baru/the Iskandar area would cut down travel by car substantially. Instead of building more bridges, invest in technology and manpower to be more productive.

Charlotte Koh

I don't believe there is much benefit to Singapore. Building another bridge may ease congestion in the short term, but it won't really help in the long run. Congestion is a fact of life and border security should never be compromised for the comfort of travellers.

Joseph Kuan

What impact does social security have on values? How can we balance government help with personal responsibility?

Having a social system to care for the old and the needy does not stop level-headed children from performing their filial duty. It would relieve some stress on the family.

James B. Wright-Brown

Being filial to one's parents is not just about giving money to them. It is more about going out of your way to show you care - making sure they are safe if they insist on staying alone, and making a point to visit them at least once a week, no matter how busy you are.

Naa Enn

What do you think of the move to expand outdoor adventure education to all students?

Doing outdoor activities with friends and mingling with humans (not gadgets) make us human too. We learn to socialise, to understand the self and self limits, challenge ourselves and overcome fear. You learn to take responsibility for yourself and to take care of others. All these help make one a better person.

Selina Ang

Outdoor adventure is good for children as well as adults. In today's world, it might be useful to learn survival skills. Should there be any attack or disaster, these skills come in handy.

Davidson Tan

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