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Do single mothers deserve the same benefits as dual-parent families?

I am an unwed single mother.

We don't ask for more but at least let those who want a home buy their own flat. Not everyone can afford resale flats.

If we choose to take responsibility and be good parents, isn't that better than going for an abortion?

We don't need money or sympathy, just give us the same rights and stop labelling us.

Encious Jie'er

The mother and child are still contributing to our society and economy. Their family nucleus might not be ideal but who are we to judge?

If one mother gets something then all mothers should get the same. It's the child's welfare that is paramount.

Mervin Quah

Would offering new employees a stake in their companies help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) here attract better talent?

SMEs do not have deep pockets as their profits are not enormous. Their share prices are also not high enough to be attractive offers.

Thus, giving stakes to new employees would not help to retain talent.

Company environments are most important. Understanding bosses, friendly colleagues, good work systems will help attract employees who will stay on for many years and contribute their hard-earned experience.

James Wang

SMEs should consider giving out shares to employees who have been working for a period of time as a loyalty bonus and keeping on those with talent, and not by rewarding those who have only just come on board.

Eric Cheng

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