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Should Singapore implement unemployment insurance for workers who get laid off? How can we ensure such schemes will not be abused?

There is a market for unemployment insurance, but there is always a tendency for people to make fraudulent claims, and premiums may shoot up as a result.

Such insurance must be studied thoroughly and introduced with measures to prevent fraud and other abuse.

Loh Wai Poon

I was laid off in January and don't find the job market very promising. I don't see anything wrong with unemployment insurance. Laid-off people like me have bills to pay and families to feed. If given the option, we would rather be working than claiming this insurance.

EH Lim

Don't give cash, give provisions such as food and kitchen essentials, waive fees such as conservancy fees and school fees. Attach workers to companies as interns, defer mortgages or bring forward schemes to help the needy.

Mohd Khair Mohd

Will having anti-smoking images on cigarette dispensers help curb tobacco use? What are some ways to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking?

Educate the public against smoking... Anti-smoking ads should be placed everywhere, and not just on cigarette dispensing machines.

James B. Wright-Brown

The Government should legislate that retailers sell cigarettes by the stick, and limit sale to five sticks per person for each purchase.

Sales of whole packets of cigarettes should be banned. Retailers who breach this legislation should be fined.

James Wang

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