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A man cycling on the pedestrian path at Ang Mo Kio on March 17, 2016.
A man cycling on the pedestrian path at Ang Mo Kio on March 17, 2016. ST PHOTO: ONG WEE JIN

What changes are needed to facilitate the sharing of footpaths between pedestrians and users of mobility devices?

Cyclists should be educated on getting down from their bicycles and walking if the pavement is narrow and/or crowded or congested. Cyclists are no different from motorists, who can cause injury to pedestrians. Cyclists should go slow and yield to pedestrians.

Lynn Flint-Sung

Pedestrians should be educated on walking on the side of the path, not in the middle, which cyclists are likely to use, and if they want to change lanes, always check if there are any oncoming cyclists. I know some pedestrians who just cross blindly; cyclists may not have sufficient time to brake or avoid hitting them.

Peter Tan

The Land Transport Authority should make the surface of footpaths rough, with speed-regulating strips all the way. This will slow down speed demons and eradicate this menace.

Ah Soh

I am against this idea of shared footpaths unless cyclists can give full assurance that they will obey the law and not hit and run in a collision. The Land Transport Authority must build a separate path for cyclists. There are too many risks involved when footpaths meant for pedestrians are shared with cyclists.

Johnny Tan

Which places should Singapore learn from, with regard to building a robust economy?

Germany. Curb rental and property speculation to bring costs of living and doing business down. Channel capital and resources into productive investment. Protect jobs for locals.

Ed Cheong

Hong Kong. Almost totally free market, almost self-governed capitalism. But, sadly, politics is an issue now.

Bruce Hu

Finnish failure does not mean that the entire Nordic model needs to be chucked aside. Why does it seem that there is only one road to prosperity - which is to rely on businesses and for people to work hard? Some countries may depend on agriculture, others manufacturing and services. We cannot prescribe one model for every country.

James Lui

We never had one single model to follow in the days of nation building. For 50 years, we learnt from every country - the good and the bad - and created something to suit Singapore.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

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