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What sort of programmes can agencies launch to give needy children a better chance? Is equity possible, given a market system in the early childhood field?

Building up their self-confidence is a start. Usually, a confident child can overcome obstacles with some help. Do regular checks on all pre-school/childcare centres to be sure they meet a good standard.

Lynn Flint-Sung

Is there a child sponsorship-type programme for needy children in Singapore? I believe many well-to-do locals won't mind "adopting" and sponsoring the education needs of one or more such children in return for some kind of report on their progress.

Luchily Lip

Do home bakers put small bakeries at a disadvantage? Should the authorities clamp down on home bakers?

I know some of these home bakers are working from home to supplement their family income.

Some come from low-income families. Why make it hard for them?

Mohammad Hatta Ibrahim

Government policies are meant to benefit the economy on a larger scale, not to artificially protect one specific group from competition from another.

This will only hamper entrepreneurial activities and is not good for the overall economy.

Hwa Heng Kan

If home bakers are competitors, small bakeries have to adjust. Why don't they do online sales as well? Give discounts, vouchers or virtual credits.

Gerard James Rozario

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