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Is the Government doing enough to get couples to have more babies? What pro-family measures should be introduced to boost Singapore's fertility rate?

If you want to increase the birth rate, then the Government should make most of its policies family-friendly... It is easy to travel on public transport with one or two children, but if we are hoping for families to have more children, perhaps looking at transport (subsidies) will be the next thing.

Jacqualine Chan

Introduce policies which put family on a par with, if not greater than, work. Paternity leave could be increased further to encourage fathers to share the child-rearing burden with mothers. Obstacles to hiring local and foreign workers... could be reduced so companies can easily hire more manpower to fill in for fathers on paternity leave.

Timothy Toh

No matter how much the Government helps, it still can't compare with family help and support... With our parents' support, we do not need a maid, don't have to send children to childcare centres; when they are sick, we know they are well taken care off, and we still can have dinner at home. On outings, we have four adults to four children, and we can just enjoy our bus ride.

Jenita Loi

Should food stalls serve smaller portions of food by default? Will this result in healthier eating habits among Singaporeans?

I agree with smaller food portions. But food prices should also be reduced proportionally. It's only fair.

Ernest Yue

Different consumers have different appetites. We cannot have a one-portion-fits-all for everyone... A better way to manage this is transparency by all food establishments - one scoop for a petite meal and two scoops for a normal-sized meal. But that means the price needs to be cut accordingly too.

Jameela Kassim

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