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Should pre-schools include swimming lessons in their curriculum? What measures can parents take when their children are at the pool?

Yes to such lessons, but no to large classes. Classes need to be much smaller so that the coach can remain vigilant and give enough attention to each child.

Shalini Shroff

I think it is better for swimming classes to stay at the primary- school level. Schools should not be tasked with every single matter. Do keep watch on your children and educate them on safety rules.

Jenny Ng

Would building a "singles village" help younger people find a life partner? How can singles increase their chances of meeting other singles?

Let people make their own decisions on whether to stay single. If they want to find a partner, they know how or where to do it. If they do not want to, nothing can get them to do so.

Peter Tan

For singles who do not want to remain single, they just have to keep trying. If they have no time, make time. Put off something else, to meet and go out with another single person.

Mohamad Syahid Bin Arif

Is keeping cigarettes out of sight enough to curb smoking? How can smoking be made "uncool"?

Speaking as a former smoker, keeping cigarettes out of sight is useful for people who genuinely want to quit. The first six months is the toughest period, during which every single little thing can trigger a relapse. One trigger is the sight of cigarette packs .

Good move to move them out of sight. Whoever planned this must have understood how hard it is to quit smoking.

Ryan Yau

When a person chooses to smoke, even if you raise a pack of cigarettes to $100 or hide sales of cigarettes , a smoker will still try to get it, no matter how.

Jadsen Phang

With more people increasingly speaking English, is bilingualism just a distant ideal? How can parents encourage their children to use their mother tongue?

The need to cultivate an interest has to be there first... Learning anything is a double hurdle if there is no passion for it. Parents should read with their children every day for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Tan Gerine

Parents themselves must first be effectively bilingual and then, one of them could speak to their children in English and the other, in Mandarin. Their children must start young - before they enter Primary 1.

Andrew Singh

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