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The number of littering fines hit a six-year high last year. What is the root of the problem and what can be done about it?

The root of the problem is not enough education for this generation of children and some foreigners. They have no idea how many years it took Singapore to be a very clean country. We were taught in school never to litter. Maybe it's time civics was taught in school and to the foreigners.

Kalvindar Kaur

Employ more enforcement officers to catch litterbugs. Punitive measures, such as fines and corrective work orders, are the only effective ways people learn not to litter again.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

It has to do with mindset and self-discipline, how you value our beloved country. This country belongs to all of us. If people can keep their houses spick and span, there is no reason for them to litter in public just because it is a shared space.

Andrew Singh

I believe the root of the problem is responsibility for one's own trash. Education and campaigns may not help some to change, so penalties should go beyond fines for those who repeatedly litter.

Colin Chee

How far have we come in our recycling efforts? What more can be done to get Singaporeans to cut down on plastic waste?

People often see these plastic bags as an entitlement... Supermarkets can encourage the use of fewer bags by asking "Do you need a bag?" before the purchase of small items, or even limiting the number of bags used in each purchase.

Emily Teo

Educate. Educate. Educate. We need to educate Singaporeans of all ages regarding the importance of reduce, reuse, recycle. The most important is reduce. Reduce the use of resources like paper, electricity, plastic, and so on... Let us do more in educating Singaporeans, for example on TV/media and in schools.

Loh Siew Kuen Hazel

Have two pedal bins: one for normal rubbish which goes straight to the rubbish chute, and the other for just plastic waste which can be taken downstairs and deposited into the National Environment Agency-provided bins.

Harry Chia

Set up a system to earn points by recycling. The points can be used to offset purchase prices for basic necessities endorsed by government bodies.

Zhi Wei

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