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A series of mergers will see 22 secondary schools whittled down to 11. What could the vacated buildings be used for?

Public pre-schools, special needs schools, holding schools for schools undergoing renovation, assisted living for the aged.

Mary Mah

Convert them into dormitories for foreign workers.

Facilities such as kitchens, canteens, libraries, sport facilities and toilets are already in these buildings.

Tan Keng Hua

Will studying about various religions in school help to foster good values and more mutual respect?

I am against the teaching of any single religion, but I support the objective introduction of several major religions - the similarities and differences should be apparent. Also, discuss religion-free morality.

Jimmy Lee The content must be from reliable sources and taught by teachers with integrity.

Normarlina Mohd Taib

If the concern is moral values, then, the proper subject to study is moral philosophy.

Yi Qi Chong Liang

What sort of assistance can the Government offer freelancers? How can this be done without affecting the need for self-reliance?

As freelancing is getting more popular, it is time to add some form of legislation to the Employment Act to regulate this type of work.

Loh Wai Poon

Freelancing means you are on your own. If you require government help, then, be a salaried worker.

Ray Choy

Freelancers should have a place to voice their grievances. Even a website will do.

Jaichandra Ramanujam

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