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Are the measures to ensure safety in schools enough?

Hire trained security guards and make it compulsory for students to sign in and out using a card unique to that school. Unless it is necessary, don't beef up security to the point of having armed police officers walking about.

Vivian Liew

If everyone does their part in being alert and vigilant and reporting suspicious people and occurrences, then it will be a safer place for everyone.

William Tan

Does the Singapore Zoo need a new Ah Meng?

Ah Meng is Ah Meng - it is a unique being. To call the new one by this name is to deny the worth of Ah Meng's identity and life. It says that she is replaceable. She is not.

Lorna Khoo

Ah Meng is a brand name for the zoo. It is an honour to continue this name with one of her offspring. I am surprised the zoo waited so long to name her successor. Let us perpetuate this tradition.

Loh Wai Poon

Should there be an indication of how much sugar is in drinks?

Yes... We should reduce our sugar intake as too much can harm our body.

Nigel Chua

It would be better to allow DIY sugar levels if possible. Some drink dispensers can change sugar amounts depending on who makes it.

Another innovative way is to let soft drinks be dilutable. One Subway eatery I went to had a dispenser for plain carbonated water. I could make my own cola siu dai.

Dare Chia

What kind of games and recreational activities can be organised to ensure healthy, active seniors lead a meaningful and fulfilling life?

Have Escape Rooms for seniors to hone deductive skills and team work, and leisure cruises with pilates, yoga, meditation, mind games and various social games for occasional splurges. Clubs should explore new games like pickerball, and courses to instil new knowledge and skills, as well as traditional skills.

Lim Desiree

The idea is to do activities that keep people moving, to keep them active and "in condition" to do daily chores and other commitments without undue strain or stress, just like a well-maintained engine.

Lionel Teo

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