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When it comes to tech devices, where should the line be drawn between personal privacy and public interest/safety?

Of course, saving lives is important. But breaking into a phone has far greater implications... It sets a dangerous precedent that will potentially undermine privacy for law-abiding users. Is it OK to break into the phone of a suspected terrorist who has not been convicted?

Fabian Terh

When manufacturers refuse to hack their devices, citing privacy and security issues, they are sending the wrong message that people can use their devices to commit crimes and get protected, as evidence in the devices is encrypted.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

What factors lie behind the rising number of younger teenagers having sex?

The more worrying trend is that parents are horrified to talk about sex, so children are uninformed and misinformed... Now, it is too easy to get all sorts of inaccurate information, so parents have to be the primary communicator of accurate information about sex and demystify the topic.

Ng Yi Kai Aaron

Teenagers are full of raging hormones due to puberty, and are curious about their bodies and their new desires. Instead of looking at abstinence, we should look into better educating teens about safe sex, contraception and being comfortable enough to talk about any questions they might have with their families.

Darryl DaRuu Golan

Teens do not have enough life experience to understand the complex circumstances that surround them and, thus, often are at higher risk of substance abuse, teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Teenagers should focus on forming friendships, maintaining family relationships and getting educated and ready for a career... it's not a time to add in the drama that naturally comes with dating.

Andrew Singh

Is it better to hold campaigns or impose laws to change anti-social behaviour?

We are all selfish and tend to forgive ourselves readily for anti-social acts. However, we also have the ability to change when we think it benefits us or society...

When the public thinks some behaviour is good for all, it will apply pressure on people to adopt that behaviour. A good example is the giving up of seats to elderly people on the MRT. It used to be a hot topic on social media a few years ago. Now, it is pretty common for young passengers to give up their seats willingly.

Loh Wai Poon

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