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Are firms here doing enough to invest in staff welfare? What perks would you like to see in offices?

It's hard to find local companies lasting more than three generations.

First, they treat their staff as liabilities instead of assets. Second, the owners will find ways to not pay market rates. Lastly, they love to micromanage.

On the other hand, there is a very small minority of great leaders who use the talents they hire to grow the company.

- Philip Teo

The most important aspect of welfare is flexi-time. For instance, not having to leave the house early because rush-hour trains are all full, or being able to have some time off work - to be made up for later in the day - due to family commitments.

This 9am-to-9pm workplace idea has to go if family is the priority for Singaporeans.

- Sharon Ng

I think it's largely about health and medical co-coverage, including that of spouses and children.

Companies and organisations should see their staff as important partners and stakeholders, and deem it worthwhile to invest in their peace of mind.

- Javen Gwee

Many company CEOs are paid bonuses based on short-term profits, hence there is no incentive to add to the costs with staff benefits. It's the same with investments in staff welfare or productivity measures that take longer to realise.

- John Christopher Yao

Are private insurers too selective in choosing their clients? Should they be made to accept those with pre-existing conditions?

Insurance companies are also profit-driven. Even if they are forced to accept clients with pre-existing conditions, the premiums are going to be high.

- Eunice Ong

The Government should set a ceiling for premiums that is affordable to the public and not loss-making to the insurance company.

- Colin Goh

Forcing private insurers to accept pre-existing conditions is equivalent to pushing what is a public sector problem to the private sector to solve.

- Wilfred Ling Siew Wee

You hear the National Anthem playing in the distance. Should you stand at attention as a mark of respect?

Respect comes from the heart, of your own free will. You cannot/should not legislate it.

- Wee Jin Tan

I would and we should. I get the feeling that we are generally shy about showing our patriotism. Let's make a start, maybe even a campaign. In Thailand, everyone comes to a halt every day at 6pm when the anthem is played and stand up in cinemas when it is played before the movie screens.

- Kok Chwee Sim

I guess it depends on how far away you are. If you can see the flag and the National Anthem is playing at the same time, then I say "Yes".

- Kin Chung

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