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What kind of sexuality knowledge do children need? At what age should parents start talking to children about these matters?

When they are young, I will teach them what's appropriate and inappropriate behaviour, and instil in them the sacredness of their body... As they mature and start asking more specific questions about the "hows", it's a cue that they are ready for more information.

Everyone matures differently, and chronological maturity is different from moral/emotional maturity. With a strong parent-child relationship, you'll know when they are ready to know more.

Eileen Tay

Age 11 and age 14. Age 11 is about physical attributes. Age 14 should include things such as handling one's sexual instincts. This has to be taught by counsellors during assembly, followed by class discussions conducted by a male and a female teacher.

Han Zhi Ha

How can caregivers be better prepared to take on their roles?

A man in a wheelchair. ST PHOTO: KEVIN LIM 

Healthcare professionals can enable adult children to become caregivers through supportive and family-focused strategies... Involvement and recognition of the potential contributions of other family members may help to reduce the deleterious effects on the primary caregiver.

Andrew Singh

It is all in the mind of the caregiver, whether he can take the responsibility and stress of work and caring for his loved one at home. It all depends on how the person sees things - whether he sees it as his responsibility to do so.

Peter Tan

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