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At Jurong West Secondary School, students use an online annotation tool to analyse visual text.
At Jurong West Secondary School, students use an online annotation tool to analyse visual text.ST PHOTO: TAMARA CRAIU

How can school subjects be made more relevant to the real world? Will this make students more optimistic and enthusiastic about the subject?

As a first-year JC student, I say it definitely helps me, knowing that the Ministry of Education revamped the syllabus. More often than not, I find myself studying mundane topics/content with no idea of how they would help me in the future when I start working.

Dillon Phee Pshee

We do need people with a good grasp of the theoretical. You can't just learn the applied, especially for a course leading to university.

An Dee

Will repeating last year's perks encourage couples to have more babies? What can make this increase in births a lasting trend?

Look into whether childcare arrangements are readily available and heavily subsidised for at least the first four years of a child's life. Couples must see that they are being helped and incentivised to have children.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

First, educate and penalise employers/companies that have a habit of punishing pregnant women or those about to go on maternity leave.

Next would be to improve our facilities/infrastructure/public transport to make it more friendly to take children/babies around.

Provide more subsidies for necessities such as milk powder and diapers. These could be in the form of vouchers or credit that can be used at major supermarkets.

Mohamad Syahid Bin Arif

When would technology be most useful in solving problems? Are there times when a non-tech method would be better?

A technological solution pays off in the long run as it involves a one-time installation cost, versus having to pay a monthly wage to (staff)...

The Government is trying to reduce our reliance on low-skilled workers through the adoption of technology to enhance productivity.

Benjamin Lim

Tech is only a tool; what counts is the idea. Here, what you have is just an expensive idea...

Tech works better in the long term, with a heavy upfront investment. "Old school" solutions may be cheaper in the short term, but if you need to do it for years, you may have saved more money using tech instead.

Dare Chia

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