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What role do parents play in making their children more aware of issues in our society? How can they carry out this role?

If parents themselves are not equipped with the knowledge and wisdom of social awareness and civil consciousness, and therefore cannot teach anything to their children, then our society really has a long way to go.

Dare Chia

Parents and guardians are the first educators in discipline and teaching their children to become model, loyal citizens.

The best time to teach them is when they are young...

Parents today are slogging like oxen in the padi fields ... which leaves them with little time to teach what is needed most, but they still must find the time to try and do it.

Peter Tan

I don't think even the adults are fully aware of the issues our society is facing currently... and you want them to guide their children?

Josh Lee

Should bicycles be licensed? Would doing so ensure cyclists follow the rules, thereby curbing accidents?

Bike licensing might be the lazy way of solving the problem... Does licensing curb vehicle accidents?

The majority of commuting cyclists here are foreign workers, whose bicycles are their primary mode of transportation, to reduce expenses on public transport. Licensing would be a further burden on their living expenses...

Education can be part of the way forward, although there should be small incentives to encourage good cycling habits.

Sze Wee

Why shouldn't bikes be licensed? I hope we are not waiting for many accidents to happen before licensing them.

It would be good if all cyclists followed the rules. But the reality is far from that.

Already, many cyclists flout the rules - cycling against the flow of traffic, speeding across corridors and lift lobbies, and not disembarking at traffic lights. Many of them display a total disregard for other road users.

If motorists, pedestrians and motorcyclists are all accountable for flouting traffic rules, why should cyclists be the exception?

Elizabeth Tan

Bicycles do not belong on pavements. They belong on park connectors and roads.

Anyone cycling on pavements should be fined. Heavily, in fact.

Motorised bicycle owners should be fined double.

Joey Tan

What can be done to address the issue of abandoned supermarket trolleys?

Exchange IDs to get a trolley. IDs will be returned only when trolleys are returned.

Set penalty charges if the trolleys are not returned.

Siti Mariam

The responsibility of the supermarket towards the consumers' shopping experience ends outside the supermarket premises.

This has to be highlighted very clearly by the supermarkets. The manager or assistant manager has to be on standby to deal with difficult consumers who insist on taking the trolley to their doorstep.

Another thing the supermarkets can do is to hire a trolley chaperone to make sure that after consumers load their groceries into the car or taxi, the trolley is returned.

Ahmad Zainal

Instead of tracking devices, which are expensive and high-maintenance, my suggestions are:

Have customers' ez-link cards be scanned to access and return the trolleys. If the trolleys are not returned, penalties will be charged to the cards.

Shopping malls can install metal poles at the exits with gaps narrow enough to stop trolleys from getting through.

Employ people just to drive around the area to find and collect trolleys.

Raymond Cheung

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