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Have cars become a necessity now? Will basing certificate of entitlement (COE) categories on buyer profile rather than engine capacity enable more Singaporeans to own cars?

I wouldn't say basing COE categories on buyer profile will enable more Singaporeans to own cars, but it will result in a fairer distribution of COEs.

Fast Twitch

Public transportation is sufficient for average citizens' needs. Cars are a "want" in Singapore, make no mistake about that.

Hui Wei

What can be done to improve Singapore's defences, whether physical or otherwise?

The education system should place more emphasis on the Singapore Story from a young age, so as to drive home our fragility and that all might not be as it has always been.

In addition, a Future Studies module would do well to inform students of the highly uncertain world they are about to inherit, and prepare them for it....

If Singapore does not position itself adequately for future shock waves, there will be tremendous instability.

Philmann Neo

We need to continue having good defence investments so that we maintain our lead in our military weapons.

Compromising defence spending for social concerns means cashing in for short-term gains.

I am sure those of us who are parents (or intend to become parents) will want to leave a better, safer Singapore for our children.

Kenneth Lee

Having a good relationship with our neighbours and allies is a good start... followed by ensuring that our defence forces are well trained and well equipped.

Richard Teng Chin Yau

How can the younger generation develop respect and kindness for the elderly? Is it enough to build childcare, student care and eldercare centres close together?

Respect, politeness and kindness should be instilled from a young age. Parents themselves should be good role models for their children.

We should not be a society dependent on campaigns and courses to teach us our most basic manners and behaviour.

Caroline Tan

Put them close together? Why not put them together? Interaction between the groups will be healthy for all of them.

Our dialects will naturally be passed down, too, and not become extinct.

Austin Lim

The generation gap is an issue that needs to be addressed first.

Bringing the generations closer physically may not necessarily translate into respect and kindness when there are psychological and communication barriers.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

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