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The splash page for the social media internet site Facebook.
The splash page for the social media internet site Facebook. PHOTO: AFP

Should Non-Constituency MPs (NCMPs) be given the same voting rights as elected MPs? What are the pros and cons of such a move?

It's OK to give NCMPs voting rights, but please be clear how they earn such rights, who they are accountable to and how (they will be made accountable).

Mai Luan Kong

I am inclined not to agree with giving NCMPs the same voting rights as elected MPs.

It will dilute the importance and recognition of elected MPs.

Timothy Lim

Should on-demand video-streaming services be subject to broadcasting rules? Is there a need for more restrictions on who can watch videos?

These days, just about anyone can set up an account with false personal info...

If on-demand streaming is to be a legitimate viewing platform, there is a social responsibility to verify that users are legitimate.

Toh Ying

It's just really hard to control, as there are many other avenues for us to have easy access to less desirable materials.

But I think it's a good start, a stance that encourages some form of social responsibility.

Puan Duan

Parents should take responsibility for their children and make sure they don't have access to adult content.

Parental blocks are available and, ultimately, parents pay the subscription fees.

Keir Gravil

Why are students getting better and better results in national exams? Should we be worried about this trend?

What we should be concerned about is whether our national examination standard or curriculum is getting too low.

Our children must be educated to the best standard we can afford.

If everyone scores As in the exam, is the exam too easy? Is it still relevant to our society's needs?

Loh Wai Poon

If everyone gets better grades, then universities will just ask for better grades for entry - back to square one.

Stephen Chew

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