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Do parents have a role in helping their children develop and maintain an interest in current affairs?

Parents have the most important role in a child's education and their sense of curiosity. If you leave it only to teachers or others, you're shirking the biggest responsibility as parents - parenting.

Mingchuan Mervyn Xie

I've met many local parents who don't even read or watch news at all. They view knowing global and international news as irrelevant to their lives... They even complain about school teachers making their children read books and taking them to libraries.

These parents don't even know how the news and reading are relevant to their everyday lives. Their world revolves around fashion, food, movies and pursuing good grades for their children.

Worldtrotter Angel

Parents must first be interested in current affairs before they can pass on the spark to their children.

They could read or watch the news together with their children, and have free discussions with them.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

A writer suggests that cheat sheets give students a shortcut to learning, which may be harmful in the long run. Do you agree?

If students are well versed in the subject matter, cheat sheets would not be harmful.

What is more damaging is when students think they know something very well but, in fact, do not.

Muhd Uzair Bin Hassan

I used lots of 10-year series books with model answers to study for my exams and I passed. I don't call those cheat sheets.

You need to be exam smart to spot the right questions.

Andrew Singh

Yes, the best way to learn is through discovery, by thinking deeply, applying knowledge and making mistakes in the process.

But realistically, there's a limit to how much you can learn this way. Students may be able to do it for one or two subjects they are passionate about, but it won't be possible for a wide range of subjects.

And let's face it, with grade inflation, many of the popular courses in university require straight As, which are not so easily achievable without being exam smart.

Charis Mun

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