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How can Singapore reduce and manage the amount of food waste generated?

If the dishes are tasty and delicious, nobody wants to waste them. The food quality must be below average nowadays.

Hanzo Oznah

We need to have the conservation mindset of our grandparents. Every grain of rice is precious.

Ivan Lau

Food establishments should serve smaller portions and charge less. The biggest wastage is at the buffet lines, where selfish diners overload their plates and eat only half of the food.

Francis Chong

In the light of the recent arrests of terror suspects here, in what ways can citizens work with the Government to guard against such threats?

Just be the eyes and ears and report anything suspicious.

Omie Rangabashyam

Create a hotline for people to notify the authorities of suspicious characters/activities.

Jaichandra Ramanujam

Don't complain when there are long queues at checkpoints and airports. The officers are doing security checks, not taking fast-food orders.

Mohamad Sazali

Will reducing emphasis on academic results add to students' stress? How can schools balance academic and non-academic excellence when admitting students?

It would be nice not to have exams for the first 10 years of school. This will lead to a higher possibility of children developing a passion to learn instead of having to do so to pass exams.

LY Lee

Look into policies which reduce the emphasis on academic results when looking for jobs.

Jack Zhen Yi Kiew

Society will find new ways to compete because people want to progress, and for survival.

Daniel Chong

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