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Would more education help deter people from misusing handicap parking spaces? How else can drivers be discouraged from parking in these spots?

Enforcement is critical, as education can do only so much.

Yvonne Wong

Pass a law to allow illegally parked cars to be towed away. It is the inconvenience and time spent recovering the car that are the true penalties.

Gabriel Goh

Have special barriers which can be deactivated or activated only with special car labels.

Mohamad Syahid Bin Arif

Should the president be appointed by Parliament or elected by the people? What are the pros and cons of either method?

If you trust the people to vote MPs in, then you should also be able to trust the same people to vote a president in.

Theo De Roza

We should stick with the elected presidency, but perhaps, review whether the powers vested in him are too much or too little.

The current system is quite balanced, with a clear-cut separation of the executive, to avoid a polarised contest of influence. Better public awareness of the powers of the president is important, too.

Melvin Chen

Should higher road tax be imposed on older cars? How can the Government help retirees who need their own vehicles?

Modern cars can last more than 10 years and it would be a waste of resources to send them to the scrapyard. The Government should look into a car-sharing scheme targeted at retirees.

Fast Twitch

As retirees do not have active incomes, they should not be burdened with higher road taxes when they maintain their cars and pass vehicle inspections.

Scala Lu

Older cars and retirees are two different issues. Older cars can be bought by young adults who can't afford a new car. The focus should be road-tax breaks for elderly folk, not whether the car is new or old.

Justin Szeto

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