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Must it take a crisis to happen for Singaporeans to help one another? Can we do more in everyday situations?

I took a hard fall from my bicycle a few months ago. And in a matter of seconds, there were nearly 20 foreign workers racing over to help me up. I gestured to let them know I was OK and didn't need help. I feel, whether you're from Singapore or not, people are inherently good and willing to lend a hand.

R. Logan Quirk

It takes a crisis for people to realise how much we care for one another.

Jeff Ten

Singaporeans in general, as a society, are introverted. We tend to keep to ourselves and stay out of other people's business. However, when someone needs help, I believe that the majority wouldn't mind helping at all.

Y. S. Toh

Is there enough openness between teachers and parents here? In what ways does the teacher-parent relationship impact children's behaviour in school?

Some parents think that they can do a better job than their child's teachers and demand that (teachers) do certain things their way. Some parents want to keep in touch with teachers at all times and ask for their personal contact numbers, then message them after work and even at ungodly hours. I don't think that's right.

Ben Tan

To be fair to a teacher who is in charge of a class of 30 or more active children, does meeting the child's parents daily translate into openness? As long as the teacher gives regular feedback, and responds to the parents when contacted, it's good enough.

Joanne Lui

The teacher and the parents should both work closely to resolve any issues the child may be facing. There should be constant cooperation and contact between the two sides.

Peter Tan

Should the Government take a radical approach to help older professionals, managers and executives (PMEs)? What can these workers do to prepare to descend the corporate ladder?

The only thing the Government should do for older people in the workforce is to eliminate age discrimination. Tacit age discrimination is a serious problem here... Our HR practitioners should be trained to be the front-line defence against discrimination in their organisations.

Frank Young

Older PMEs should try to leverage their experience and networks to set up enterprises. This is the only way to go.

They should not try and compete for jobs. Younger workers need to build experience, knowledge and their professional networks, and they should be working together with older PMEs. Novel approaches should be considered.

Muhammad Yusuf Osman

One option would be to set up "Special PME Clusters Programmes", similar to incubation programmes. This will enable PMEs to continue using their experiences to create new businesses, instead of being unemployed. The approval for the programme can be based strictly on their business development plans.

Freddy Kuan

PMEs must constantly upgrade and update themselves. They need to keep learning, instead of just enjoying life during their prime. Sometimes, they have to go back to school to understand how the new generation thinks and works.

Calvin Yong

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