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Besides courses and tests, what can be done to raise the standard and awareness of workplace safety in Singapore?

Have workshops, not written tests, that can be passed only when workers prove they can use the equipment.

Aaron Loy

Refrain from setting unrealistic completion dates. This means that even before a project is put on the drawing board for scheduling... engineers must ensure that they place high importance on safety.

Walter Loo

Impose compulsory rest for workers. Fatigue leads to human error and accidents. Encourage workers to be whistle-blowers if the firm is regularly/openly disregarding safety regulations.

Xiao Ai

How dirty are our foodcourts and hawker centres? What, if anything, can be done to improve their cleanliness?

You will need a two-pronged approach - enforce good social behaviour in schools and enforce it for the general public. Passive campaigns with no consequences have done very little so far.

Dare Chia

A simple effort of wiping and clearing up after yourself will make a difference, whether in foodcourts or other eateries.

Tong Chih Sheng

Cleaners in hawker centres need to be trained. I notice that many clear food waste from the table onto the floor.

Jade Lim

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