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Since everyone is wired to achieve in different areas, asking some students to consider the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) route may be the best advice a teacher could give. Do you agree?

Nowadays, no matter what route our youth take, if they are motivated and encouraged by their peers and parents, they can make it in life...

They make take a longer route but at a pace that they are comfortable with. As parents, we play an important part and should never discourage our children but support and encourage them all the way.

Siti Nor'aini A S

It is true that we should not set high expectations of students, but neither should we set the bar too low. Both parents and teachers should work out what is best for students from a holistic point of view that considers both their capacity and capability.

Richard Poh

I am glad to be in the ITE as I am more capable at hands-on learning.

At the end of the day, it is the child who decides his or her own future. Parents and teachers are there to guide him, but should not force their child/student.

Shahrul Nizam

Polytechnics should have a non-examinable curriculum focusing on both local and global affairs to sharpen thinking, says a writer. Do you agree?

It's not just polytechnic students; people of all ages should have a keen interest in current affairs, both local and international.

Start young, perhaps even at the secondary level, and propagate the interest throughout the student's educational life.

Mingchuan Mervyn Xie

It is good to open students up to looking beyond passing exams and making the grade...

Teaching institutes such as polytechnics should definitely play a part in opening students up to becoming aware of what is happening around the world.

Chia Kum Meng

The problem is the selection of invited speakers (on current affairs) and whether the content highlighted adds value to students' industrial readiness.

KT Tan

Do those working in the charity sector need more support? If so, what can be done?

Those working in this sector deserve good pay, but checks should be put in place to avoid overpaying people... Even if we rely on volunteers, we still need a core group of professionals or semi-professionals to ensure the organisations run smoothly.

Mohammad Hatta Ibrahim

The Government should set aside an endowment fund to subsidise salaries for the charity sector.

Vicky Li

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