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What can be done to help Singapore become more of a cultural melting pot?

The most important, but underappreciated, factor is time.

Like the most savoury stews, all the ingredients need to simmer together for long periods of time to create a most delicious dish... Singapore will take a few generations and the results will be unique.

Frank Young

There is nothing wrong with each racial and cultural group retaining its unique identity instead of becoming a bland and artificial mix of cultures and customs. As long as there is mutual understanding and respect among the races and cultures, that is good enough.

Chang Fong Chua

Tolerance is key. For the second generation (children of immigrants) who are born locally, they will attend schools here, enlist in national service, enrol in local universities, work here, pay taxes and apply for HDB apartments.

This will ultimately become the melting pot.

William Chen

With technology having a bigger role in schools, how can students be discouraged from using smartphones, iPads and laptops for things other than schoolwork?

The most engaging lessons in school and university were those by lecturers who did not use technology such as PowerPoint.

The lecturers who used chalkboards tended to be more animated in their lesson delivery and more enthusiastic...

However, technology does have an important role to play, especially when it comes to accessing information and material for study.

Keir Gravil

Restricting gadgets and computers to being used only for schoolwork hampers the spirit of learning. Technology is something students are able to pick up easily and they should be guided on how to use it correctly.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

Engaging face to face with fellow classmates and teachers is part of classroom learning.

Technology has definitely failed to serve this purpose.

Judy Foong

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