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What does "independence" mean to you in the Singapore context?

A land to live on, a home to fight for, and a country to be proud of.

Nic Helen Nai

To achieve the pragmatic balance among a few ideals - freedom in general, racial harmony, social harmony, national security and economic sustainability.

Allan Tan

There is a past for us to be grateful about, a present to appreciate now and a future to continue building.

Annie Law

Should car-free Sundays be extended to other areas and other days? Would this scheme help to promote family bonding and an active lifestyle?

It should be extended to more parts of the island, not just a few spots.

More life can be added by organising flea markets, having stalls selling snacks of days gone by or a day market...

Bring back old-school games like capteh, marbles and five stones. It should be a day of fun and eating for young and old.

Peter Tan

How are the frail, elderly and disabled to enjoy the same outing together with the fit and able-bodied people?

Let us have some thought for the disadvantaged, and make these car-free days accessible to the old and handicapped as well.

Andrew Singh

Is supporting families enough to solve the problem of youngsters who engage in self-harm? What else can be done to help such youngsters?

Counselling for individuals and families could help in the long run.

Most importantly, if people speak to one another about problems openly without fear of judgment, it may prove to be a huge help.

Leena Kumari

The false assumption here is that family members know the real reason why a child is harming himself.

Most people would ascribe parental neglect as a cause.

But that may not be... The source of the problem may also be social dynamics in school or among peer groups...

Parents must not beat themselves up emotionally, thinking it's their fault or that they've failed. For most children, the storm will pass with time.

Frank Young

Unfortunately, if the relationship of the youngster with his parents is not good, the situation may become worse...

Some elders look at self-harming with ridicule, thinking this is a "teenage" thing, knowing not the scale of struggle which is so staggering that pain has become a tool for an escape and to feel relief.

Syafiq Remlee

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