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What can be done to encourage more people here to become blood donors?

Offering monetary incentives will only discourage acts like blood donation and will reduce the number of blood donors in the long term, as it commercialises such altruism.

A possible alternative would be to allow remuneration for time off work, paid by the employer to the donor for the time spent making the donation.

Benji Ang

Let the public know when there are low supplies of certain types of blood.

Show the urgency and highlight the people from the blood group to get them to chip in.

Those working at the hospitals' blood banks also have a responsibility to keep up the supplies.

Tan Kheng Chye

Blood donors used to get a priority queue at polyclinics. Now that has been taken away. Are blood donors really appreciated?

Kelvin Ong Kvo

Money talks. Start paying donors for their blood and more will come forward to donate.

Mah Wei Liang

Given that blood donation is already closely tracked, there's nothing preventing the bureaucracy from going one small step further by giving donors benefits like minor tax exemptions or small grants.

Yoong Le

What is considered harassment at the workplace? Is it possible to have harmonious coexistence with all our colleagues?

It is about learning how to work with difficult people. We should not see things as harassment but we should ask ourselves how we can adapt to suit the environment.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

Learn to live and let live. We have enough work stress.

If we are obsessed with our colleagues' every move, we should become monks or nuns.

Andrew Singh

Bully tactics and threats constitute harassment, too.

Richard Lim

I have not seen a workplace where all colleagues are saints who get along well...

I've experienced bullying before and said to myself: How long can they continue to bully me?

Patience is the key to surviving and I am glad it is all over now.

Peter Tan

Are preparatory lessons helpful in getting children ready for primary school? What else can parents do to support their children's transition to school?

They are only going to P1. Isn't reading to them sufficient? This "tiger mum" thing is ridiculous.

LY Lee

Any help is useful when you're starting out.

Hazette AK

Let children ease into the school system themselves and learn as they go along. So now, there are some who are more prepared than others - what's next?

Margaret Chong

We didn't have such lessons when we were young and we are all doing fine!

Vincent Teo

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