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A writer suggests that the spending of the rich is healthy for the economy. Do you agree?

Totally. If one has the money to splurge, please do so.

But the problem is, most rich people know how hard it is to get rich, so they are quite careful and splurge only on necessities.

It's the not-so-rich who like to think they need plenty of material things in life to look and feel good.

They are the ones spending the money they don't actually have.

Emma Krish

For the economic growth of a country, external wealth must come in.

Much of Singapore's external wealth has been generated by the Government's sovereign wealth investment companies, notably Temasek Holdings.

Another source is tourist spending in Singapore. For this reason, the Singapore Tourism Board has been advertising overseas and the Singapore authorities have been adding new attractions.

These factors, not the wealth of the rich, enable the Government to give goodies to the people and help local businesses to flourish.

James Wang

Even though philanthropic acts are commendable and should be encouraged, there's nothing wrong with the rich splurging their wealth on luxury goods in Singapore.

What would be a cause for concern is when the spending of the rich leads to... social, spatial, economic and cultural displacement of the locals.

Xinrong Hor

Is it time to do away with beauty pageants? Or do they still serve a purpose?

(They serve) entirely no purpose. Why should the contestants dress skimpily for the eyes of men?

If there should be a pageant, make it such that they wear non-revealing clothes but engage in intellectual discussions about world problems. Women can be knowledgeable too.

People prefer watching talent shows. Singing and dancing are way more entertaining than contestants walking about on stage.

Vivian Tan

Some people can swim very fast, others can swim well, and others solve maths problems.

They have their competitions, and their champions are celebrities. Why? Because we celebrate the different ways nature has shaped us.

But when it comes to beauty contests, people may not be so accepting... I don't think it is easy being in the spotlight at all. We should give beauty contestants a break.

An Dee

What kinds of activities could be offered to help make Singapore a unique tourist destination?

Lift the alcohol restrictions and make Singapore Asia's safe party hub.

Hold open-air concerts and shows. Allow or encourage local mobile hawkers on wheels, just like in the United States.

We must remember that food and fashion will bring in more tourists.

Prabakaran Gopalakrishnan

Take tourists to our well-designed heartland and explain to them how the Singapore Government does infrastructural planning, such as integrated bus interchanges which combine shopping malls with transport hubs...

They could be taken to places of historical interest, such as Tiong Bahru and Changi Village.

And certainly introduce them to local Singapore.

Collaborate with local boutique hotels to help give them more of a Singaporean touch.

More marketing could also be done for festivals here, such as Christmas, Chinese New Year and the Night Festival, to attract tourists during such periods.

Vivian Lau

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