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Elderly men sitting in a row at the foot of a block in Chin Swee estate.
Elderly men sitting in a row at the foot of a block in Chin Swee estate.PHOTO: ST FILE

What can we do to help seniors cope with loneliness and/or depression?

Inter-generational programmes will help alleviate the isolation and age divide.

We should seek to integrate age groups rather than segregate them by ages, in designing childcare, eldercare and community programmes.

Christina Teh

We can have a buddy system in the blocks where they live.

Each senior is allocated two buddies who will take turns to visit him...

Maybe we can rope in students and working adults to be their buddies.

Clarice Viola Pereira

Have free football match screenings in community centres...

Let the seniors have more gardening space.

So what if it looks ugly?

At least they are kept busy and are proud of their own greens.

Have weekend feasts and free screenings of movies at void decks.

Malcolm Koh

Most of the old folk who fall into this category are those who have health and social difficulties.

They find it harder to adjust to the changing world and require a more experienced person to reach out to them and assist them, to reinstate their confidence and trust in society.

Patricia Goh

We have in place ample services for the elderly.

Unfortunately, coordination is highly fragmented, resulting in inaccessibility.

It would make better sense to look into seamless delivery of available services instead of trying to add on more and more.

Maryanne Low Ambrosio

Is new technology out of place in a coffee shop? Would it be more productive to stick to old methods in such cases?

The coffee shops are already using a lot of technology.

For example, Kopitiam is using (card payments), the toilet is self-flushing, plates are washed by machines... the cashiers also use touchscreen computers.

Tien Song Chuan

It's not about the technology. People need to get over it.

It's about the results it can bring.

There's no point if it confuses or makes things more complicated.

Aaron Loy

Good idea but bad implementation. Study the workflow, tweak, train, inform.

Margaret Chong

Do people have a right to be free from being offended? At what point should the authorities step in when it comes to offensive material such as online posts or videos?

The issue at hand is where to draw the line. "Being offended" differs from person to person...

Is it fair for the authorities to draw a universal line across that?

Malcolm Lu

The right to free speech must be accompanied by the right to retort... So many times I have challenged an offensive comment and the original poster replied with obscenities.

Liu INan

If I had everyone who offended me banned from the Internet, the Internet would be a very quiet place. The only time when people posting offensive material should be arrested is if they put someone's safety at risk.

Miles Lacey

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